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The University of South Carolina

Department of Theatre and Dance - 1989 to 1995

Teaching Summary By Course:

  Course Designator Course Title Credit Hours Contact Per Week

  THSP 280 Introduction to Theatre Design* 3 3
  THSP 288 Introduction to Stage Lighting 3 3
  THSP 351 Theatre Graphics 3 3
  THSP 510 Rendering Techniques (Team-Taught) 3 3
  THSP 588 Stage Lighting Design 3 3
  THSP 589 Advanced Stage Lighting Design 3 3
  THSP 721D MFA Lighting Practicum 3 3
  THSP 761 Technical Drawing for Theatre* 3 3
  THSP 757 Problems in Theatre Practice 3 3
  THSP 788 Professional Stage Lighting I 3 3
  THSP 789 Professional Stage Lighting II 3 3
  THSP 796 Special Projects 3 3
  THSP 797 Special Projects (AutoCAD) 3 3
  SCCC 483D Creative Concepts* 3 3
      3 3
    * New courses designed and implemented 3 3
      3 3

Research Supervision

M.F.A. Thesis Committee Chair:

Chester Loeffl er-Bell, Discovering the Art of Lighting Design, 1995
Garth Dolan, Moving Past the Concept: An Approach to Lighting Design, 1995
James P. Hart, My Growth as a Lighting Designer, 1993

M.F.A. Thesis Committee Member:

Todd A. Stuart, Process of Design, 1995
W. Stuart Beaman, Scenic Design Process, 1993
Barrett Whitner, Filling the Void: A Director's Journey, 1993
Richard Gilman, A Director in Process, 1992
Timna Guerchon, Developments, 1992

M.A. Thesis Committee Member

Cara-Mia Hartley, A Portrait of Hrotsvitha of Gandersheim, Her Society, and How It Affected Her Writing, 1995
Gregory Marcellus, A Survey of Computer Applications Within the Theatrical Arts Curriculum, 1994
Elizabeth Stroppel, Stanislavski's Method of Physical Actions and 19th Century Melodrama: Reaching Back to Go Beyond, 1990

Graduate Design Research Supervision

Christopher Burell
Lighting Design for Mother Courage and Her Children, 1995
Lighting Design for The Pie Rats Revenge, 1995
Kevin Shaw
Lighting Design for Beau Jest, 1995
Lighting Design for Learned Ladies, 1995
Chester Loeffl er-Bell
Lighting Design for Dr. Chekhov and the Harmful Effects of Tobacco, 1995
Lighting Design for Eastern Standard, 1994
Assistant Lighting Design for The Importance of Being Earnest, 1994
Garth Dolan
Lighting Design for Hot L. Baltimore, 1994
Lighting Design for Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf, 1994
Lighting Design for Equus, 1994
Lighting Design for Biederman and the Fire Bugs, 1993
First Place Award, Southeastern Theatre Conference Design Competition
Assistant Lighting Design for Prelude To A Kiss, 1993
Peter N. Joyce
Lighting Design for Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe, 1994
Lighting Design for Strange Snow, 1994
Lighting Design for Spring Dance Concert, 1994
Lighting Design for Two Rooms, 1993
Entered in SETC Design Competition
Lighting Design for School for Scandal, 1993
Lighting Design for The Secret Marriage, 1992
Lighting Design for Romeo and Juliet, 1992
Barbara Berry
Lighting Design for Rimers of Eldritch, 1993
Lighting Design for Our Town, 1992
Lighting Design for Born Yesterday, 1992
J. Copeland Woodruff
Lighting Design for The Frogs, 1992
Lighting Design for The Wizard of Oz, 1992
Lighting Design for Little Mary Sunshine, 1991
James P. Hart
Lighting Design for Reckless, 1992
Lighting Design for Misalliance, 1991
Lighting Design for Six Characters in Search of an Author, 1991

Undergraduate Student Supervision

Steven C. Ballard and Timothy Swick
Advanced AutoCAD for the Theatre, 1995
Harry Smoake and Les Dickert III
Problems in Design Analysis, 1993
Les Dickert III
Technical Drawing for Theatre, 1993
Drawing Media and Techniques for Lighting Design, 1992
Lighting Design for Measure for Measure, 1994
Lighting Design for The Emperor's New Clothes, 1994
Lighting Design for A Walk in the Woods, 1994
Lighting Design for The Cherry Orchard, 1993
Lighting Design for Spring Dance Concert, 1993
Lighting Design for Woyzzeck, 1991
Lighting Design for Season's Greetings, 1990



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