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Cornell University

Department of Theatre, Dance, and Film - 1995 to Present

Teaching Summary By Course:

  Course Designator Course Title Credit Hours Contact Per Week

  ENGL 131 Film, Fantasy, and the Bard (Pre-freshman summer writing seminar)* 3 5
  THETR 185 Film, Fantasy, and the Bard (Writing seminar)* 3 3
  THETR 250 Fundamentals of Theatre Design (Team-Taught) 4 4
  THETR 252 Technical Production Studio I (Team-Taught) 3 4
  THETR 301 Mind and Memory (Team-Taught) 3 4
  THETR 319 Music, Dance, and Light (Team-Taught)* 3 3
  THETR 351 Production Lab III var. var.
  THETR 362 Lighting Design Studio I 4 4
  THETR 365 Automated Lighting and Control Systems* 3 3
  THETR 451 Production Lab IV (Advanced Undergraduate Training Program) var. var.
  THETR 462 Lighting Design Studio II 4 4
    * New courses designed and implemented    

Research Supervision:

Graduate Thesis Supervision

Carla Wells, Master of Interior Design 2011
Joanne Kwan, Master of Interior Design 2009
Theory Studies: Archtypical Artifi cial Lighting Practices in Contemporary Interior Design
Carolina Ziebell, Master of Architecture 2008 City of Ashes
Leah Scolere, Master of Interior Design 2004 Theory Studies: Contemporary Retail Design
Anne Adesso, Master of Interior Design 2004 Representation of Colorful Interiors During the 1960s in Design Trade Journals
Julie I-Ching Lin, Master of Interior Design 2002
Precedents of Contemporary Lighting Effects—A Series of Design Briefs

Other Graduate Research Supervision

YounHak Jeong Scenery and Lighting Studies for Equus 2004
Darlene Myrie Lighting a Dynamic Square: Dundas Square, Toronto, CA 2004

Advanced Undergraduate Training Program Lighting Design (THETR 451)

Zach Lipton Nice People Dancing to Good Country Music 2009
Joanne Kwan Spoglia (Dance '08) 2008
Benjamin Evans All My Sons 2006
John Stechschulte Dance '06 2006
Benjamin Schmidt Comic Potential 2005
Stephanie Harmelin Five Women Wearing the Same Dress 2005
Peter Liebling A Raisin in the Sun 2004
Nicole Hayes Dance Theatre Concert 2003
Alex Casagrande Slightly to the Left of Burlesque (Dance '03) 2003
David Johnson The Miser 2002
Scott Kelly One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest 2002
Mark Wagner You Never Can Tell 1997

Other Undergraduate Student Supervision

Susanna Fried, Josef Moro, Weili Shi, Jorge Silva, Morielle Strauss Lighting Design for Locally Grown Dance Festival, 2011
Hamsavali Bhate Dance Senior Thesis Committee, Chair, 2007
Laura Johnson Photography Senior Thesis Committee, Member, 2006
Peter Liebling Independent Study: Developing AutoCAD Strategies for Lighting, 2004
Nicole Hayes Independent Study: Advanced Lighting Projects, 2004
Erin Brewster and Neil Becker Independent Study: AutoCAD Applications in Scenery and Lighting, 2003
David Johnson and Alex Casagrande Advanced AutoCAD Programming for the Theatre, 2003
Thomas Caroll Independent Study: Programming for Theatre Lighting, 2000
Jessica Basset Independent Study: Lighting Design in Various Venues, 1999
Nathan Blanding Independent Study: AutoCAD in Architecture and Theatre, 1998
Brian Davies, Shana Greenstein, and Mark Wagner Lighting Design for Spring Dance Theatre, 1998
William Berstche and Shana Greenstein Lighting Design for Fall Dance Theatre, 1997
Mark Wagner Lighting Design for Speed the Plow, 1997
William Berstche and Ying Chi Lu Lighting Design for Spring Dance Theatre, 1997
Ying Chi Lu and Mark Wagner Lighting Design for Fall Dance Theatre, 1996


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