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THETR 2500 - Fundamentals of Theatre Design and Technology

4 credits (team taught)

This course is designed to introduce the student to the production disciplines, other than performance, involved in producing live theatre.  Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to demonstrate an improved understanding and appreciation for the collaborative art of producing live theatre as well as an increased ability to be expressive in this form.

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THETR 3620 - Lighting Design Studio I

4 credits

This course involves the theory and practice of lighting as a medium for design. We will develop our ability to carefully observe lighting and to develop the skills necessary for designing lighting in a variety of disciplines ranging from theatre and film to architecture and interior design.

Syllabus Film Assignment Architecture Assignment Final Project


THETR 3650 - Automated Lighting and Control

3 credits

This course covers the understanding and application of lighting control technologies, including electrical systems, color, optics, dimming protocols, and console programming. Students will complete a series of projects culminating in the programming and use of automated fixtures both live and with visualization software.

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THETR 4620 - Lighting Design Studio II

4 credits

This course involves the theory and practice of lighting design as a medium for artistic communication. We will develop the observation and application skills necessary to design theatrical lighting in a variety of venues and styles of production. Such issues as artistic commitment, collaboration, personal style, and viewpoint will also be covered.

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