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ENGL 1131 - Film Fantasy and the Bard

Freshman Writing Seminar
3 credits

The influence of Shakespeare’s plays is everywhere in modern culture, from rock music to cartoons. This course will examine A Midsummer Night’s Dream as reinterpreted in film and fantasy literature. Writing assignments will cover such topics as how content relates to form, literary or dramatic; how our modern sensibility, our historical and cultural bias, and our use of media affect our perception of the work; and how we judge whether a work interprets Shakespeare, adapts it, or is loosely based on it.

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THETR 3190 - Music Dance and Light

4 credits

Artistic values, parameters, and concerns of music (sound design), dance, and lighting design will be compared and contrasted. The combination of these design elements will be analyzed in contemporary dance. Writing will include responses to readings, audio and video recordings, and performances. Some classes will be devoted to creating sound, movement, and lighting.

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